REVOLT Live Host: DJ Damage

A month later, Damage was leaving Vegas after interviewing Adrian Broner for the Heavy Hitters DJs Crew. As the plane was about to take off, he received a text from one of Puff’s assistance’s saying Puff wanted to speak to him immediately. Damage recalls, “I thought, ‘do you get off the plane when Puff wants to talk to you?’ What do you do? I didn’t want to loose the opportunity by not taking the call but then the plane took off and I loss service. When I was finally able to reply they didn’t reply back. I thought I ruined another opportunity. A week goes by, I get a call at 1am saying the chairman, Puff, wanted to interview me the next day in New York at 4pm.”

To his surprise, when Damage arrived at the Bad Boy Records offices for the interview, the experience was recorded. He was mic’d up, and asked a series of questions on camera. He says, “I thought I was on a reality show and I didn’t know it. When I did the interview, I was comfortable talking to Puff. He asked me my opinion of the network. Because I really wanted this job I had done all of my research. I knew what he wanted it to be and I knew what I wanted to add to it.”01Damage

As fans on social media, where he has over forty-thousand Instagram followers, swoon over his celebrity interviews and photo shoots, few know the process that their favorite host have had to go through to get to where he is.  Damage says, “I took a huge risk leaving my job for REVOLT. I could have gotten fired just for leaving for the interview. You don’t leave a live radio broadcast. I didn’t say I was sick, I just disappeared.”

On what he’s learned from working with and having the opportunity to interview Diddy, Damage says,  “I’ve learned that you have to have more than one hustle. I used to be stuck in one lane of only being a DJ but in life, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t make money that way, you have to have four and five different lanes. I’m currently in a transitional phase trying to figure out what’s going to be those different hustles.”

What has Damage learned about the business aspects of the industry that he would relay to others?  “Try not to take everything so personal. Don’t think that everyone is your friend or has your best interest at heart. Have your own team and value them; show that you’re grateful. Many of the people that truly care about the well being of others aren’t being properly thanked. Then they become bitter and don’t want to reach back and help the next generation.” He continues, “Never feel like you’re invincible or better than anyone that works with you because you can always be replaced. At REVOLT, I talk with the crew and eat with the crew. The camera men are just as important to me, I’m not better than them. You never know how people will come back into your life so be a good person, have good karma. Sometimes things happen outside of your control but if you always have good intentions and you want to help others, great things are going to happen for you.”

To learn more about DJ Damage follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @TheRealDJDAMAGE

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