Necole Kane: Branding A Business Beyond Her Blog

Recently, Necole Kane known to most as Necole Bitchie was summoned to The White House to attend a panel on HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) that was happening the next day. Moderated by television personality, and North Carolina A&T University alum Terrence J. The panel featured actress and Spellman College alumna Keisha Knight Pulliam. The event discussed the misconceptions about HBCU’s and the panelists shared their experiences and success stories for students. When Kane returned home she said to herself, ‘Wow, look where blogging has taken me, to The White House.’

Daily, Kane’s entertainment gossip blog, receives millions of views as she updates faithful readers with tidbits on urban pop culture as well as doses of feel good, uplifting stories. She recently celebrated the blog’s seventh year and though she believes the seventh year is the year of completion she’s almost ready, but not quite ready to move on from the blog. “When you take in celebrity news and entertainment the way I have to take it in everyday, it really stunts your growth creatively. For me to go into my next chapter, it can’t include the celebrity site. I hate to say it but I’m going to have to let it go completely to fully walk into my purpose.” She continues, “It’s a hard pill for me to swallow but it’s one of the reasons why I moved to Arizona, to prepare myself for the next chapter.”

Having lived in nearly ten states in the past ten years including Washington, DC, Maryland, New York, Georgia, Florida and California, Kane recently moved to Arizona to somewhat escape the hustle and bustle of the major entertainment markets and work on finding a balance between her personal and professional life. Many young women look to Kane’s personal blog, for relationship and career advice. On the blog, she’s been extremely candid about her life experiences from struggling to make ends meet when working at a radio station to a tumultuous relationship with her mother in addition to topics such as chasing significance instead of success.

Kane recently took a hiatus from IamNecole after a very introspective piece entitled, “A Distorted Perceptions of Love”. She says, “I realized many of the things I was writing about on the blog were about past experiences, things that happened in my childhood and teenage years. I wasn’t drawing any experience from my current life because I wasn’t allowing myself to live life. After that blog I made a vow to myself to love no matter how hard it hurts. I was going to let my guard down and let myself be vulnerable.”

“…For me to go into my next chapter, it can’t include the celebrity site…I’m going to have to let it go completely to fully walk into my purpose…” 

Kane shares an imperative lesson learned from recent dating experience that will be the topic of discussion when she returns to her personal blog. “As women we’re usually upset and frustrated when a relationship ends but as long as we enjoy the moment, even if it didn’t work out, we shouldn’t feel regret. Oftentimes we as women mistake falling in love with a moment, with falling in love with the person we shared that moment with. I’m wise enough to know the difference.

When she’s not inserting her opinions in posts on or posing questions to a combined total of over five-hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Kane’s wisdom can be found in 140 characters to her nearly thirty thousand followers on Twitter. She once tweeted, “In order to grow a business, it has to grow beyond you.” In 2012, Kane admittedly had a series of failures in attempts to grow her business including spending upwards of $50,000 on trying to get ideas off the ground. At the time, she was also dealing with several lawsuits and issues with the IRS.

At a time when most would have given up by possibly filing for bankruptcy or selling their site, Kane persevered and took time off to reassess her brand. In December 2013 she spent ten days in Paris, France and in December 2014 she spent ten days in Dubai. “As your business grows, you have to know when it’s time to start hiring. I recently hired a Content Manager who helps to choose the topics we’re going to cover and assign stories to writers. Prior to this year, I was far too involved in the site which didn’t leave me with much time to work on expansion.”


  • ericavain

    Necole is such a dope woman, all around. Not only have you helped the women of color you’ve hired (Heyyyyy Kimmy!) but I will never forget the encouragement you’ve given to me. No matter where your path takes you in the journey of fulfilling your purpose you will always know that your life, voice and dreams are valid and have inspired millions!

    Great write up Zon! <3 both you ladies!

    March 11, 2015

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