The Plug: Kay Coria On Turning An Internship Into A Full Time Job

Project Manager + Event Coordinator + Office Manager for SKEE TV

In less than a year, Kay Coria, turned an internship into a full time position. She’s one of the most tenacious, vivacious people I’ve ever met. The 24-year old, single mother, commutes nearly four hours round trip from Orange County to Hollywood where she proudly serves as the Office Manager, Event Coordinator and Project Manager for the ever evolving, SKEE TV.

On April 9, the radio and YouTube series will become SKEE TV, the television series on FUSE Network in which DJ Skee will interview artists and discuss pop culture. Guests as well as performers in season one include Action Bronson, Machine Gun Kelly Joey BadAss, Marina & the Diamonds and Phantogram.

Coria who is busily preparing for the launch is constantly challenging herself with more responsibilities within the company. Her numerous sacrifices and commitment to excellence makes her a woman to watch and admire.

Prior to SKEE TV, she worked at a law firm but used the blogging platform Tumblr as an outlet for her interests in working within the entertainment industry. Via Tumblr, she boldly reached out to legendary music producer DJ Skee about securing an internship. “I met with Dan Glasband [SKEETV’s general manager] I told him I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I’m a sponge. Let me get my foot in the door and I’ll take over.”

Humility brings comfort to others. You can’t control whether or not someone is threatened by you but you can comfort it.

Which is exactly what Coria did and she began to make her way through various departments throughout the company, making herself invaluable. “I had my son when I was 18, so I didn’t get a chance to go to college but I would have wanted to go to school for business and marketing. At SKEE TV when I wasn’t working on the radio side, I would use my spare time to hang out with the marketing team and ask if they needed help with anything.”

She continues, “I started doing little projects for them and nine months later they created the position of office manager for me.” Soon after, Coria began creating marketing decks and campaigns and most recently took over event coordination.

With the multitude of tasks on her plate each day, she uses her commute to keep her priorities in order. “I drop my son off at school at 8:30am and by 8:45an I’m on the road, driving to LA thinking about what my son needs to do when he gets home. When I get to the city, I call my mom because she picks him up from school; then when I walk into the door of SKEE TV-work mode.”

She emphasizes the importance of separating her personal and professional life, “Don’t ever show what’s going on in your life at work. There are people that come to work upset and whether its office related or not it has an affect on everyone’s mood during the day. I could be having the worse day of my life, on the way home, I may break down and cry but I’ve been told I have a great poker face.”