4 Tips on Loving Yourself & Your Brand from ROB HILL SR.

9-Rob-Hill-Sr.-Main-Pic- copyI must admit, I was skeptical of Rob Hill Sr.’s “Magical Powers”. How does a man who often quotes common sense become such a successful author, motivational speaker and influencer amongst this generation?

What is it about Hill that results in standing room only at his speaking engagements?  In preparing for our interview, I was expecting to meet someone that was arrogant because he would also believe that he’s pulled the wool over his follower’s heads with his recycled words.

I was expecting to meet a “celebrity”, a man that had an entourage and an ego. However my assumptions couldn’t have been further from the truth. For the first leg of his “I Want To Be Good To You” Tour at the historic Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Rob Hill Sr. didn’t have an entourage. He came with one friend and wore a simple black tee shirt. He was patient with the technical difficulties of recording our interview. He was soft spoken and real.

In a generation that has the attention span of a six second Vine video, initially Hill’s lecture wasn’t very riveting. He frequently asked the audience “Are y’all awake?” and “Are y’all with me?” But his loyal followers were hanging on to his every word. As time progressed in his two hour set, in which he covered several self-help topics, Hill became more engaging and interactive. The session was more of a conversation with the audience asking questions ranging from dating to death and divorce. Hill gave very detailed, personalized responses to each person. In the end, I was seated next to a fellow skeptic who was a friend’s plus one. When asked what she thought of Hills lecture she commented, “You can’t hate on someone spreading positivity.” I agree.

With such an influx of social media celebrities-aspiring actors, musicians, makeup artists, motivational speakers etc. bombarding your timelines with selfies and inspirational quotes, it can be hard to decipher who’s really in it for the instant gratification or the person who’s doing it selflessly. The latter is Rob Hill Sr.

This skeptic has been converted. Rob Hill Sr. is not only sincere; he’s a necessary role model for our generation. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to learn from him. I’ve shared some of his invaluable insight from our interview and his lecture below.

AA: For the few people who may not be familiar with you because they’re still using Black Planet and MySpace instead of Intsagram, who is Rob Hill Sr.?
RHS: I’m someone who strives to help people. If you need a professional title, I would choose author. Outside of that I’m someone who tries to contribute positively to society and to the world through words.

AA: How should aspiring authors and bloggers go about building their brand and becoming influential?
RHS: Be consistent. Build your following, especially if you’re looking for a major publisher. You have to become a voice that people trust. Whatever expertise you’re trying to promote, people need to believe you. Aspiring authors have to find their voice in whatever they’re trying to convey.

AA: Many people would say some of your quotes are simply common sense or recycled advice. (I.e “Mind your business. Work hard. Do what feels right…” or “Speak up or miss out.”) What is it about the way you say conventional things that resonates with so many people?
RHS: The idea that it’s common sense is beautiful to me. Because common sense implies that it’s simple and something that you already know. The fact that I can be an on-time reminder for people allows what I say to be popular. I don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel in anyway but sometimes common sense isn’t so common. My words may be a reminder for some but a total revelation, light-bulb moment for others.
At a certain point, people decide that they want to trust me and listen to me. I have a responsibility to continue to provide insight to those people.

AA: A lot of youngRob Hill Sr-AimerAmour Magazine professionals say that they can’t make time for a relationship because they’re focused on their careers. When you’re an actor, blogger, model, musician, etc. everyone is “hustling” and on their “grind”. With this in mind, when is the right time to be in a relationship when everyone is so focused on their success?
RHS: I believe waiting for the perfect time is the same thing as wasting time. When people say they don’t have time for a relationship what they’re really saying is, ‘I don’t have time for all the BS I went through in the past. I don’t want to go through that again.’ We have to change the idea of what we tell ourselves relationships consist of. For me a positive relationship or a substantial bond with someone would involve them encouraging me. You grinding? I’m grinding too! We’re motivating each other. When you’re frustrated and need to vent, I can be there for you. The basis of a relationship should be a friendship. People “don’t have time” because they don’t want to build friendships anymore. There isn’t a perfect time for a relationship. You simply have to decide that you’re ready to put in the work.

AA: What have you learned about the business aspects of being a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur?
RHS: Some of the best advice I’ve received is from Kenny Burns (VP Marketing/ REVOLT Television). He said, ‘It all stops when you stop.’ Sometimes we forget how much work it takes to live the life we desire. We forget that our hustle and our grind is all we have. I like to tell people to protect your name and protect your time. Starting out my motto was “consistent quality.” It was doing something well then finding ways to consistently make it better. And doing so pays off in the long run. But people underestimate the work of an entrepreneur or the work of someone who doesn’t have to clock-in. It takes a special type of discipline that not everyone has. It’s been said entrepreneurship is 70% of the stuff you don’t want to do and 30% of what you love.

AA: Is there anything in your career that you would have done differently?
RHS: I think everything that I’ve gone through was necessary. However, I was so focused on a certain type of writing that I wasn’t well-rounded, I didn’t focus on the full landscape. You don’t want to box yourself in. I’ve always wanted to be more of a personality, not just a writer. So you have to be careful of the way you brand yourself; the opportunities you take and the ones you turn down. Sometimes people sell themselves short very early in their careers and they aren’t able to bounce back. Once you put yourself in that box and people perceive you a certain way it can be hard to make changes.

Highlights from ROB HILL SR.’s “I Want To Be Good To You” Lecture

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