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“Love Thy Neighbor” Star Andre Hall On How Tyler Perry Changed His Life

Actor Andre Hall gets candid about the six years he spent as a struggling actor sleeping on floors while working as a barista, a waiter and...

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Former VP of OWN, Endyia Kinney-Sterns on Pitching, Planning & Walking In Your Purpose

So you want to pitch your reality series to Oprah Winfrey, how do you get into the room? Former VP of Programming & Development at OWN,...

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So You Wanna Open A Restaurant: Nigerian Chick-Fil-A Owner/Operator Adaobi Gwacham

“You have the option to make something out of your life, you just have to work at it. You have to put in the time and the effort and...

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‘Stop Making Excuses, Follow Your Dreams’ Black & SexyTV Co-Founder: Numa Perrier

Actress, director and producer Numa Perrier shares invaluable advice for aspiring filmmakers on the importance of creating your own...

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“Ghostbusters” Star Melissa McCarthy On Handling Rejection In Hollywood


Written by:

Emmy Award winning actress Melissa McCarthy on the 19 years it took her to be an “overnight success”. The “Ghostbusters” star gets candid about how she created her own opportunities and why criticism is really a blessing.

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Let's Talk About ReBranding

Hey Y'all I'm Zon D'Amour

They say seven is the year of completion so after seven years of AimerAmour Magazine, I decided that it was time to rebrand my site to reflect the fact that I’m actively working towards directing.

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